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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Highlight of my day?  Listening to Sade singing The Sweetest Taboo with my bestie by my side. 

 Pics from tonight's concert at the ACC.


Meghan said...

I've always loved Sade! So glad you had a great time!

Micaela said...

oh sweet girl... i'm loving your bucket list dreams coming true and can i just say, SADE's "by your side" on my bbm last night was PERFECTION... it really was! my husband had not the best news work related and was feeling rather down and my heart was hurting for him that i just played the song for us. how could you have known?


love you!

heather said...

oh you look like you are having fun!!!

p.s. re: your comment, which choked me up a little bit. i haven't really though about how he would treasure those words. i mean, sure i have at certain moments when i was thinking of writing to him... but not really since i wrote to him. and you are so right! i would love to be able to have some words to look back on from my mother. even writing this is making me have one of those ohmygodimamom moments.


Marz said...

I love Sade and I love you for making me feel like I was there with you via our blackberries! Those pictures are amazing! p.s. I'm listening to "By Your Side" right at this moment on my computer and I'm thinking of you! :)

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