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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Eve!

I cannot welcome September without telling you about a wonderful milestone my family celebrated in August.  My adorable nephew Isaac celebrated his first birthday!  Isaac and his Mom and Dad were in Canada for a two week visit which culminated in a baseball themed birthday party the day after Isaac's first Toronto Blue Jays game.  (Jays won 11-2!)
Isaac's party had all the perfect ingredients including
- family and lots of cousins and their gorgeous kids
- friends who were kind enough not to eat Isaac up
- butter chicken and naan for the adults, hot dogs and popcorn for the kiddies
- blue freezies...because they are the tastiest
- and last but not least...
...a delicious birthday cake!  
Minaz always picks the best cakes and this one was so fun to look at and even more fun to eat.  YUM!

My Mom and Dad with their grandkids. 
I totally don't mind being their favourite child after these two delights!

Aneez, Vanessa and my monkey. 
Also known as Mom, Dad and Isaac.

Proud Dad and Isaac.
The banner reads "Happy Birthday Isaac!  You're a Grand Slam of joy in our hearts."

All right, bring it on September!  You are giving me a long weekend, a dear friend's wedding and Maji's 90th birthday.  Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy September! Lots to celebrate, including blue freezies! {definitely the tastiest...}

Rashida Kanji said...

Come September! Can't wait to celebrate this small & cutest lady's 90th birthday!

Tima said...

Am also loving September. It means it starts to warm up here! lol

Claire Kiefer said...

Isaac is soooooooooooo dang cute! Wish I could have been there to squeeze him myself! I'll try to get into the spirit of September (cause at least I'm looking forward to football season!), but I'm not really ready to say goodbye to August . . . cause that feels like the official end of summer to me!

tez said...

Wishing you lots of happiness and love on Maji's birthday!! Happy September to you! xox

Stephanie said...

I just want to hold those cute little boys!!! So cute!

Karina said...

Happy September!!!!!! And a very Happy Belated Birthday to Issac!!! I am SO excited that September is here!! So many countdowns :)
Oh and I get really happy to see the kids back in school and back to normal again, I live across the street from a school and two other schools, so during summer vacation everything is so lonely and quiet i miss the hustle and flow that the school year brings! So I am happy to hear the kids again and be in movement! I feel sad when days are slow and I see empty streets! Did I just make any sense?


Marz said...

My goodness seems like just yesterday baby Isaac was being born! :) What a amazing first birthday for the little cutie :) I LOVE that cake!! I bet it tasted just as good as it looks. Love the Blue Jays theme :) Too bad he wont' be able to go to every game like his cousin! That photo of your parents with their grandsons is just so precious. All their smiles warm my heart! I'm so glad you had the chance to celebrate his first birthday together. I'm so thankful for the two weeks you had with your beautiful family! Isn't it amazing celebrated your nephews 1st birthday and then in a couple weeks celebrating your Maji's 90th birthday? Love it. September looks like it's going to be a wonderful month for you! Enjoy xo

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday to Isaac! He is ADORABLE! And that CAKE! It's incredible.

heather said...

Oh I'm always so happy to catch up with you!! It must be so amazing to see Isaac turn one year! Look at him, such a ham! A year ago, you could only so vaguely guess at what his personality might be like!

And this month Maji's 90th birthday! I look forward to reading about that too! So many happy events going on in your neck of the woods!

Megan said...

Oh how lovely that they were in Canada for this very special occasion! That cake looks fantastic.
I forgot to write back and let you know bookweek is an annual event in Australian primary schools that celebrates books. They have a parade one day were kids can dress up as their favourite character :-)
Have a wonderful September - this year is going so quickly.

Mrs.B said...

Love how you love Isaac!
It is the sweetest thing ever that he has so many wonderful and loving people in his life.

...and that you are allowing us a glimpse into it!

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