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Monday, September 12, 2011

Meditation for your Monday


Lisa said...

This is our family mantra! Love the graphic--I want shirts with this saying for all of us.

Happy Monday to you, Faiza.

Tima said...

I've been singing this for a few days now

Micaela said...

yes-- and lots of it! <3 happy new week pretty girl!

Marz said...

At my sister Madeline's wedding she had singers sing this song acapella (we attend Church of Christ so there are no instruments during services, including weddings) after her and Matt were officially announced as husband and wife. It was so beautiful when her and her new husband walked down the aisle to this beautiful song. Are there any truer words than these? *Also reminds me of "Love Actually" - one of my absolute faves! Have a great week sweet girl! xo

rachel awes said...

love love love
love love love
love love love
2u dear friend

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