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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Big Forgive

As I look back on a blessed 2011 and look forward to all the opportunity that awaits me in 2012, I have decided to end the year by shedding a bit of baggage.  I am preparing myself to forgive a BURNING injustice that was inflicted upon my best friend.

 Here we are getting ready to walk 60K in a quest to combat breast cancer.  Don't we look so happy?

If you know my bestie, you probably recognize this cute, adventurous face. This boy who can eat 10,000 calories and never gain a pound. This fun loving fellow who always makes you laugh and even lets you laugh at him.

He is always challenging himself physically.  Here he is cycling from Toronto to Montreal in support of the Friends for Life Bike Rally.  Look at him waving to the camera.  Such a dogooder right?

Bestie is an artist and a creative caring soul drawn to colour and emotion and all forms of expression.  Despite all of this we do have a fiery blemish upon our relationship. A dark time. A time of hurt and pain. A time that I am finally ready to forgive.

Let me set the scene...take a look at my bestie below.  Only a face like this could have inflicted such evil on...ME!

It was 1997.  My last year as a teen.  My first year as a university student.  I was home for the Christmas holidays and so happy to be spending time with my friends and family.  Shafik and I went to mosque one Saturday evening and then proceeded to one of our favourite 90's hangouts, the Movenpick Marche.  We used to go there for the free parking and for $10 we could get a four cheese wood oven baked pizza and a tasty plate of shoe string fries!  We could also linger there as long as we liked.  It was the perfect place for students on a budget.

This particular night, I had a craving for ice cream.  As I returned to the table with my scoop of white chocolate chip ice cream, bestie started talking about how yummy his mint ice cream was.  I remember him saying, "Look how creamy it looks and how bright green it is. It's sooooo minty.  Do you want to try a bite?"  I looked trustingly into his bright, big, beautiful brown eyes and said, "Sure!"  Bestie spoon fed me a bite of his alleged mint ice cream with a huge grin.  I accepted with a smile anticipating a cool minty treat!


This, friends, is how I was introduced to wasabi!  Not mint ice cream!  I looked over at bestie and he was roaring with laughter.  I really don't remember much after that. Somehow the night ended on a good note.  I think, like the heat in my nostrils, I rose above it and succumbed to being punked although my eyes still kind of water when I think about that time.

Shafik, Zohra and I had sushi for lunch yesterday and the bright green wasabi on our plates brought this memory back.  Shafik confessed that he went on a bit of a crime spree and I was not the only person he did this too.  Funny enough, every other victim he mentioned still remains close to him to this day.  I told bestie that I would forgive him and let it go.  So here's to you Shafik!  Now that I've let the rest of the world know about your evil ways, I'd like to thank you for a terrific 2011!  Thank you for the memories, the road trips, the soul chats and hugs.  Looking forward to all we have planned for 2012!  I love you!



Claire Kiefer said...

Hahaha, so sweet! You two are the cutest, and I hope to meet Shafik one day. I'm a sucker for mischievous boys. :)

Melanie said...

A true spicy friendship, the best kind! Happy new year to you both.

Melanie said...

A true spicy friendship, the best kind! Happy new year to you both.

Rashida said...

Happy Happy New Year Faiza!

Stephanie said...

hahaha. Oh man....that was a good one! Too bad he didn't have a video camera to record that sight! :)
I love pranksters! :)
Hope you have a fabulous 2012!!

Yasmin Virani said...

OMG - LOVE IT! Too funny. You know, you guys actually even look alike now. It's all in the eyes and the masti. :)

Happy New Year!

Tima said...

You two are a riot!!!!

Farah Murji-Moloo said...

He did the same thing to me!

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