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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ode to a Friend

Will never forget this moment...

Hanging out at Massey Hall with Shafik moments before Jann Arden played Ode to a Friend.  
Live performance here.  Thanks gracewong1138
Lyrics below.

by Jann Arden

I don't mind if you stay longer
You have not been any trouble
I don't want you to go home yet
can you stay just stay ten more minutes

You are my best friend
I don't know how I'd live
How I love you
every square inch
Love your brown eyes
your forgiveness

Don't go home now
It's past midnight
You can sleep here
we'll have breakfast

You are my greatest gift
I don't know how I'd live
You are my saving grace
You are by heart my true friend


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Oh, Jann! I adore her. And that is one of my favourite songs ever.

You two look so happy together. Hurrah for best friends!

Barry said...

I looove Jann Arden, have another blogging friend who was at that concert. Love that photo, I was just going to say exactly what Erin said. You guys look very happy together!

sheba said...

what a beautiful song. great photo of you two!

trueheartartistry said...

Beautiful words :-)

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