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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worst Wingman Ever

This past weekend while on a whirlwind trip to New York, my best friend declared himself the Worst Wingman Ever!  He said this out loud while shaking his head after an innocent flirtation between me and a most gorgeous barista at a cafe in Noho.  He was of no help at all, interested only in his cafe au lait.

My apparent wingman sipping his cafe au lait.

 Besties in a Manhattan subway stop in Chinatown.

My bestie would be relieved to hear that today the title belongs to me.  Yes friends, today I am the WORST.WINGMAN.EVER.

Here's the scoop:
The beautiful Claire at Bicoastally has documented her admiration of Taylor Kitsch many a time.  
- She discusses her wish to bed him here.  
- She subjected innocent adorable children to wearing clothing in celebration of Tim Riggins, a character portrayed by Kitsch in Friday Night Lights here.
- She salutes his man bun here.

Birthday girl Marianne is obsessed with David Beckham.
- She celebrates him on Man Candy Monday here.
- She loves him in his role of father and champion (despite his elastic headband look) here.

Today in Toronto, Taylor Kitsch is a mere few blocks from my house promoting his film John Carter.  
 Taylor with my girl crush Dina on Breakfast Television this morning.

And David Beckham is across the street at the Air Canada Centre RIGHT NOW getting ready for the CONCACAF Champion League quarterfinal against the Toronto.
Becks steps away from my house at the Air Canada Centre.

And me?  Where am I? I just gave my soccer tickets away and am taking over the title of Worst Wingman EVER whilst wrapped in a blanket, with orange juice, dirty tissues and cold medication trying to sleep off a head cold.  I was thinking of giving my bestie this card but I may just send it to myself. 


Claire Kiefer said...

OMG!!!! I am willing to forgive you for this indiscretion only because you are sick and so am I, so I can empathize! However, if Taylor Kitsch or Charlie Hunnam comes anywhere near Toronto again, you better do some stalking for me! I think Taylor Kitsch is actually from Toronto, so he's probably back pretty frequently . . . just sayin . . .

Feel better!

Meghan said...

You went to NYC? It's only my most favorite city ever! Love this post!

Megan said...

How crazy that both their crushes were there at the same time?! I have never been the best wingman either, I realise too late that there is a wingman situation occurring.
My boss always refers to us as his wingmen when we have important meetings, I am a lot better at that type of support.

Marz said...

OMMMMMGGGGGG Faiza!!!! My jaw dropped when I read that you GAVE YOUR TICKETS away!!!! Ahhhh the sin of such a thing! I would have had to be on my death bed before I gave away the chance to see my Becks!!! haha ;) If only I lived in Canada and could eagerly take those tickets away from you poor sick girl :( And if I was in Canada I would also be over straight away with some soothing chicken noodle soup :) I hate that you're feeling bad :( I hope you feel better soon!

Lucky you - you have a chance to redeem yourself. Be my best wingman ever when we're in Cali and I'm trying to get into C.J. Wilson's pants?!?! bahaha I'm counting on you, Claire, Micaela and Ezgi to be the best wingmen there ever were!!! ;) I can't wait!!!!

Thanks again for the amazing birthday gift!!! :) You are amazing and have a heart of gold! Micaela and I love you soooo much!!!

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