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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

California, I love you

How did I wait so long to talk about one of the most amazing things to come from blogging yet?  To be honest, words cannot do it justice but I will try.

I did it!  I FINALLY got to meet some of my blog friends.  It feels so weird to call them that.  They really just girls.  Marianne, Micaela, Claire and I put this plan into action back in December.  Marianne was blue that her true-love-man-crush CJ Wilson had been traded from the Rangers to the Angels. I took a quick look at the Angels schedule and saw that they would be playing my Blue Jays in May.  I suggested to  Marianne that we should take a road trip to California and see him in action with his new team.  A minute later she said YES! Micaela and Claire immediately jumped on the idea too and what seemed liked YEARS later we finally met at Claire's place in Oakland in early May!  The bonus was meeting Marianne's sweet Brit-pal Ezgi who came along too and entertained us with her hilarious coveting of young American boys.

I was nervous about meeting everyone in person for the first time.  Marianne and Micaela met in the womb and they had been to visit Claire last year.  I wasn't sure what the dynamic would be between the four of us as I have been lucky to have three unique and special friendships with Claire, Marianne and Micaela separately.  All of that went out the window when Marianne and a barefooted Claire came running onto the street to meet me when I finally made it to Oakland in the wee hours of the morning.  Marianne and I couldn't stop hugging and giggling.   Fast forward a few hours and confessions later and we finally went to bed.

We spent the next day walking along Pier 39 in San Fran and taking in the sites which included the cutest sea lions.  Adorable!  A highlight for me was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here we are on the other side.

Stopping to worship our favourite legume at the Golden Arches.

Papa Lechuga made us the sweetest domino necklaces which we all wore as we headed on down to Anaheim.

Of course we stopped at Target on our way there.  Thank you kind Target security guard for snapping our first picture together. 
Ezgi, Micaela, Claire, moi and Marianne.

Our drive to Anaheim was hilarious.  No topic was off limits and the conversation was so saucy and steamy that the 7 hour drive went by in a flash.   The highlight of the day was definitely an impromptu stop to meet Carrie from This Free Bird for a delicious dinner at her love's resto The Corner in Huntington Beach.  Three words changed my life that night...mashed potato tacos.  AMAZING.

The following day, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we headed to San Diego for a Mexican lunch with Claire's gorgeous friend Elena.  I took my first walk on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and drove a little stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway too. So much natural beauty everywhere!

 Loved the layered natural tones of the sand and stones on the beach.

We headed back to Anaheim for the main event - MARIANNE and CJs FIRST DATE!


Angel Stadium.

CJ devotee Marianne.

The highlight of this day and the entire trip was Marianne's permasmile.  She was so happy to see CJ pitch an outstanding game.  She put a lot of effort into making this sign for CJ and got her sweet mug on the Jumbtron.  To top it off early the next morning CJ tweeted her to tell her he had seen her AND her sign.    Our girly screams and jumping up and down  with excitement woke Claire up with a start but it was so worth it!  To see how happy Marianne was and to be there with her was such a gift.  I will always remember her twinkling eyes when I think of the word JOY.
The things these rally monkies heard on the drive back up to San Francisco make me blush!

I love the connections this bloverse has allowed me to have.  Thank you Claire, Marianne and Micaela for being "my first(s)".  I love you girls!

Read mommy-to-be Micaela's version of our trip here.
Read lady-of-many-man-crushes Marianne's version here.
Read I-rocked-a-busted foot-up-and-down-the-Cali-coast Claire's version here.

And this week...the blogverse keeps on giving!  I am so looking forward to catching a ball game with Meghan in Chicago.


Micaela said...

This made me miss you girls THAT MUCH MORE. you couldn't have said it better or more sweeter. What a beautiful time we had!

As marianne's twinkie, i can not tell you how much it means to me that you girls (especially you) made this all happen for her-- that her dream came true, and so much better than we could have expected (oh thank-you twitter!). Her happiness to me will always be more important than my own. I can not thank you girls enough and I can't be more thankful to God/the universe for blessing me with such fabulous ladies.

I am honored to be one of your firsts ;)


I can't wait to hear all about your and Meghan's meet-up! give her a hug for me please :)

Marz said...

Faiza you summed up our epic trip SO beautifully!!! Anaheim was a top 3 moment for me and I owe all of that to you beautiful girl!!! You got the BASEBALL rolling with that one perfect question and none of this would have been possible without it! I will be forever grateful for you and your organizational skills in booking everything for us. You made everything so easy by taking care of the details! I love, love, love you for giving me that perfect girls trip to see the man I love pitch in his new ballpark!!! It was more perfect than I could have ever hoped for :) I'll NEVER forget getting that tweet and you and I waking everyone up with our screams and jumping up and down with joy. You're right - JOY, pure and total joy is what I felt watching my CJ pitch with my favourite girls!!! All thanks to you!!! I just love him so much ;) And I love and miss you girls SOOOOO much!!!! Thank you for the lovely post Faiza! xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh, this is so sweet and beautiful, and I wouldn't expect anything different from you. It's true--it was hard to put our trip into words. I'm so grateful that it was SO WONDERFUL and magical and that we already can't wait to see each other again. I can't thank you enough for being The Organizer and getting everything booked and in order for us. I miss you so much, Faiza!

NYLON Girl said...

Adorable! I would merely be repeating everything the girls have said already but no doubt an incredible trip! I need older next time. Hehehe.

sheba said...

such a great recap of your trip. you are such a fabulous person and i'm glad others got to have a taste of that too! love you

Meghan said...

You had such an amazing trip - I cannot believe you met those incredible women! :) I love the necklaces, and of course, Marianne's sign!!!

Pink Chai Raj said...

Seems like an amazing trip! Now I need to find a recipe for mashed potatoe tacos, those sound delish!

Pink Chai Style

Kristin said...

Can we have mashed potato tacos next week for our date please?! Or at least share a recipe, if you have one...

Enjoying catching up on your blog...I haven't had a chance to pop by in a while!

xoxo Nibs

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