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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Habanero Mel

The genesis of a nickname is fascinating.  

My love's nickname is Punchie.  I first noticed it when his Mom wished her Punchie a Happy Birthday on his Facebook wall. He told me that when she was pregnant she felt as though he was trying to punch his way out.  

My university roommate goes by the moniker Twin.  As a twin brother to Rasul, Rahim shared his name with a few other boys in his circle of friends growing up.  Along the way, to distinguish him from the other Rahims, he picked up the name Twin.

This week, another nickname was born and that one belongs to my dear, sweet friend Melanie. Mel is my gym buddy, soul friend and one of this world's most genuine and loving inhabitants.  I easily describe her as someone who is always trying to be three things; the best mother, the best wife and the very best version of herself everyday.

Currently, Mel is on a frugal kick.   She was telling me all about her efforts at saving, scoping out sales and collecting coupons.  She's clearing out her designer purse collection and using the money from selling them to bargain hunt.   Her husband Jay has caught the bug and they've entered into a bit of a competition.  Mel has websites bookmarked, coupons galore and watches the weekly flyers religiously.  Jay's strategy?  Well he's just Jay.  He's got no plan for thriftiness and he seems to be putting her to shame.

Recently Jay was helping a friend move some things around in his garage.  He ended up giving Jay a European dining set made from beautiful cherry wood.  So Jay has now saved the family about $1500.  A few days later, Jay met up with an old friend who recently lost quite a bit of weight.  He had a bag of designer pants in great conditionthat didn't fit him anymore.  The pants fit Jay and Mel estimates that they would have cost Jay $900 to buy on his own.  So now Jay has saved the family about $2400.

Then there is Mel.  As she relayed her cost cutting methods and battle plans to me, she proudly boasted that she had discovered a new tactic. I was intrigued so I asked her to tell me more.  Keep in mind, she's just told me that Jay has saved the family $2400.

In the paraphrased words of Mel, "So I found this website that has coupons, pretty big coupons.  I'm talking $2 or $3 coupons.  That's pretty big!  I found one for the new Kraft Habanero Heat shredded cheese.  It was a $3 coupon.  That's a big deal for $9 cheese. So get this, listen to what I did.  I looked around and checked out some flyers.  You see I knew the cheese would go on sale because it's a new product.  So I waited and it went on sale and THEN I USED MY COUPON!  I saved us $6!  $6! We paid $3 for $9 cheese!" 

Mel's face was flush from excitement and her arms were waving wildly.  "I saved us $6!  $6!"  I couldn't help it, I burst into laughter! 

And this my friends is how she earned the nickname Habanero.  I will forever remember Mel whenever I walk by that bag of cheese in the grocery store. 

Never thought I would say that I am grateful for Habanero cheese.


Claire Kiefer said...

Hilarious story! And I'm left wondering: what on earth is in that cheese that makes one bag cost $9???

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness you made me laugh so hard.. Seriously I wonder if I ever hear myself speak. Love your spicey friend! Melanie

Melanie said...

Claire - This cheese is yummy and we are big mexican food lovers in our house - plus as a girl with a need for portion control support - shreadded cheese is a big help for me.. supper yummy - but I would never pay $9.00 dollars for it.

Tima said...

OMG! I love this. What a fabulous story.

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