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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Kahzmir

There are a lot of celebrity blogs out there and mine is no different.  The celebs in my life include my amazing family and wonderful friends.

I recently papped my nephew Kahzmir's 7th birthday.   You may remember this "it" boy from his previous themed parties such as The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat. His party theme this year was dinosaurs. 

My love and I decided to tag team and create a 3D dinosaur birthday cake that party planner extraordinaire Minaz had found on Pinterest.  We'd only had one previous kitchen tag team match up which involved creating a Crock Pot Spinach Pesto Lasagna and based on our success, I knew we could defy time and definitely bring a dinosaur back to life. 

Minaz baked two very delicious round cakes to get us started. We cut the first cake in half and then set it up to become the body of the dinosaur.

The second cake gets cut into various limbs and appendages of the dino.  You can find templates for the cake here.

Next, you put the pieces in place and begin to sculpt your dino as my love demostrates below.

So now, you get into the fun stuff.  The key to this mission is a reliable partner in crime. Below my love Earvin (the latest celebrity to get papped on this blog who by the way is huge in the glamourous Information Technology circles of Nashville, Tennessee) is preparing the icing for our dino.  He has a great sense of colour and got the icing to the perfect shade of green.  He would say color, but this is my blog afterall.

With Earvin's perfectly pigmented and tasty icing, we began dressing and piping the cake.

And voila!  Here is the final result!  We used rice crispy squares for the spikes, chocolate rosettes for toes and claws and toasted coconut mixed with Corn Flakes for the prehistoric grass.  The grass was delicious!

Also spotted at this party were the birthday boys parents who are Social Media Consultant and Papa, Karim Kanji and Environmentalist and Mama, Minaz Asani-Kanji.

Proud grandparents Dada and Dadi also made an appearance.  They have built quite the reputation for being the first ones to wear the party hats every year.

And what dinosaur party would be complete without an actual dinosaur rubbing shoulders with the party goers most of which were under the age of 10?  Thanks Jazzy for being fierce.

Happy Birthday Kahzmir! 
You are such a smart, curious, energetic and kind boy and I am very proud of you!


Claire Kiefer said...

I love seeing Earvin on your blog!!! And I'm amazed by your collaborative creation. You *almost* make me think I could do something this awesome! But not quite. ;) So sweet that Earvin was a part of all the festivities. I'm sure he loved your family and that they loved him! You're all so sweet and happy and I am blessed to know you.

Tima said...

Happy birthday Kahzmir. Love your cake.

Carrie said...

Wow! The final result looks amazing! I wish I had talent like that :)

I love celeb blogs! I think my favorite one is WetPaint with Teen Mom 2 news.

Have fun!

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