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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Running 5K - The Colour Me Rad Edition

My curiosity with running began when Aneez decided to run a marathon.  While he was training, he would email us from England with updates on his progress.  I could tell that the experience was changing the way he thought about his life, his family, his capabilities and his body.  My interest grew upon hearing about runner's high, meditative running and the thrill the clarity that comes when you are your own competition.   Even after hearing about chaffing nipples and runner's diarrhea...I remained...intrigued.

Aneez after running a half marathon.

Marianne loves to run.  She talks about all the great charity races she supports on her blog and I love that her passion for fitness has turned into doing good for others.  Her whole heart is filled with caring and generosity.  I am lucky to know her goodness and to be loved by her.  Reading about her running adventures has been an inspiration.  Simply put, Marianne made running seem like fun.
Marianne fulfills a dream of running through Central Park.

Mama-to-be Meghan is inspiring simply because she is a high school teacher.  HIGH FIVE for teachers everywhere! She further impresses me with her love for exercise.  She constantly challenges herself physically whether it be a themed race or a new gruop fitness class and she has a blast while doing so.  I love following along while she offers tips on music, clothing and inspiration for her fitness journey.  For me, Meghan makes running seem possible.
Meghan before the Hot Chocolate Run in Chicago.

So...I ran my first 5K today with Naaz!  We had a blast with the folks from Color Me Rad.  (Although they spell colour incorrectly, they definintely spell FUN with all the right letters!)  The concept of the run is pure happiness, vibrancy and community.  You begin squeaky clean and optimistic in your whitest whites.  And if you've been a good fui, you get a cute video message from your nephew (that ends in a polite burp.) 

Along the way you get covered in bright powders and soaked with coloured water.  The result is a series of rainbow coloured runners crossing the finish line.  At the end of the race, you burst your own colour pack in celebration!

Clean, dry and ready to run.

Rain soaked, sweaty and smiling 5K later!

So proud of Naaz! It was so motivating to check in with each other and swap stories.

Living rainbow!

Taking a breather before going in the washer.

This running thing is definitely still in my system.  I loved the solitude of running on my own.  Choosing to commit to something new was a challenge during a time where I was travelling frequently and lacked routine.  At the same time, I loved how easy it was to run wherever I was and I was able to train in Toronto, Minneapolis and Nashville.  My mind resisted before every outing but once I got in the groove and started running, I commited and finished.  Running with Earvin was obviously fun and checking in with Naaz after each training session kept me accountable and motivated.

I have a feeling, I'll go for a run tomorrow - just for fun!

Thank you Aneez, Marianne and Meghan for your inspiration.  I kept you in my mind and heart while training and it made all the difference.


Rashida (Mom) said...

Looks like you really had a blast! So proud of you! Enjoy your run tomorrow.

Love you sweetie

Earvin Venzant Jr said...

Congrats love - I'm sooooooo proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Well done Faiza! Look forward to hearing of more running adventures! - Aneez

Meghan said...

I am so proud of you! I'm so glad that your first race experience was a positive one. And thank you for the kind words! :) Do you think you'll keep on trucking??? :)

Tima said...

Well done. I need to get into this running thing.

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