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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Third Time's a Charm at Soup Sisters

Last week, I had the good fortune to be a part of Soup Sisters for the third consecutive year.  Soup Sisters brings community members together to make soup for our neighbours accessing emergency shelter and transitional housing.  Thanks to some of my generous and loving friends we spent the night reconnecting, making hearty soups and having a lot of fun. 

Thank you Liaison College, Chef Tony and his team of students who worked with us throughout the evening.

It's a bestie sandwich!

Ameera, Krista, Alida and Naaz. The lovely ladies who made a Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup.
Anissa, Heather, Chef, Sylvie and Nicole. They made the very yummy Lots-Of-Vegetables Chili.

Teresa, Aliya, Annie and Donna.
My friends from the YMCA whose Hearty Minestrone Soup was terrific!

Valerie, Earvin, Sophia, Minaz and Kirsten made a scrumptious Corn and Sweet Potato Soup.

Munira, Mel, Bey, Shafik (bestie) and Saira.  The Chick Pea Soup chefs!  Their delicious soup was also featured for dinner.

The lovely Mieko starts working on the labels for the various soup containers.

The best part of the evening was celebrating my Love's birthday with these mouthwatering chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter icing and salted caramel drizzle.  Thanks so much to Love and Oven for these treats. 

Thankful for friends who are also community.


Meghan said...

Ahh! Those cupcakes look delicious! And why am I not surprised that you gave your time to help others? You have the biggest heart, Faiza! :)

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