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Thursday, August 8, 2013

July Photo A Day Challenge

Happy August!  I participated in Fat Mum Slim's July Photo A Day challenge and had a blast.  Here's a quick recap.  If you haven't done one of these before, do it.  It's especially fun to look back after a month of taking photos.  Here's a look at my July.

The challenge.

July 1 - Happiness bestie.

July 2 - Shoes.

July 3 - Cold. Cooling off from the Tennessee heat with ice cold drinks and cool jazz. 

July 4 - Red, white or blue.  In honour of my fab white tights, that terrific red couch and my brother's blue suit.

July 5 - Love.  Hope mine doesn't mind that I am kissing this cutie.

July 6 - Fave smell. My sweet pea.

July 7 - Where you are. Contemplating a second Sunday nap while it rains outside.

July 8 - Path. Power outage, severe rain, trying to make my way home.

July 9 - Three things.  Three sights you'll see at my co worker Kerri's desk.

July 10 - Smooth.  My dad and his sideburns.

July 11 - I wore this! Congrats to the 160 volunteers who made today's YMCA Relay for Strong Kids a success!

July 12 - A bad habit.  Late night phone dates with my boyfriend are mine and Starbursts are his.

July 13 - 4:00. Camp Faiza with Kahzmir and Ethan.

July 14 - Edible.  Chicken samosas from my mom.

July 15 - Outside the window

July 16 - Bottle. (Okay this is a jar.) Filled with memories from 2013.  Can't wait to read them all on New Year's Day!

July 17 - Inspirational. 

July 18 - Number.  Some numbers that I was thinking about that day.

July 19 - Building. Roy Thompson Hall.  Favourite building in Toronto. 

July 20 - Hot.  Inside at Ki in Toronto.

July 21 - Fave food. Not sure I have a fave food but I did frame this bag of Hot Fries. I embrace my inappropriate attachment to them.

July 22 - Gray. Reading on my Kobo. Colour courtesy of my imagination.

July 23 - I drew this. For my love a day before one of our visits. Fun countdown!

July 24 - D is for...dolphin! Love this mosaic by Kahzmir.

Day 25 - Ground. Stone path outside my building.

July 26 - The everyday. Chatting with my two older brothers throughout the day.

July 27 - Black and white. Some things are as simple as that.

July 28 - This is new. Has anyone tried these? (I like my grilled cheese sans ketchup.)

July 29 - Perspective. And the reason I like people.

July 30 - Friendship. Ten years ago this summer, my dear friend Tez moved to New Zealand.  Here we are at her farewell party.  Our friendship has weathered a lot and I am very thankful for her love in my life.

July 31 - Workspace.


Zoë said...

Aww man these are adorable, what a fun challenge! I love the 'colour courtesy..." hahaha

also you are so adorable ! I am so so happy to see things being awesome for you, you deserve it :)

Tima said...

These are fantastic. It's great to see the whole month put together.

Lisa said...

These are great pictures, Faiza! I am always amazed at all you are able to do--this month of snapshots shows a glimpse of all the fun & love you do/are/share!

Lisa <--my current internet home, in case you're looking for me : )

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