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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finally! And now I procrastine...

Anyone else still have their Christmas tree up? Ours is so warm and sparkly! I'd like to keep it up all year. A neighbour in the building across from mine still has their tree up and they turn the lights on every night. Our windows face each other and unbeknownst to him or her we are engaged in a sort of Wild West standoff while I wait for them to take their tree down first.

This is my first Christmas tree. It's special because every year since I've known Micaela, I've poured over her annual Christmas Ornament swap accounts. I watched my various blog friends exchanging cute ornaments and loved all the thoughtfulness and care that went into each exchange.  I always wanted to participate but I never had a tree of my own.

Enter my love, who makes all my dreams come true.  We put up our first Christmas tree in our first home together and FINALLY I could participate in the swap! Behold my pretty tree!

Erin organized this year's swap on behalf of Micaela who gave birth to the beautiful Noel days before Christmas.  I signed up and got a great swap partner named Whitney.  Follow her on Tumblr. She is extremely talented and artistic.   After reading a few posts of hers that celebrated gorgeous pin up women, I sent her this ornament.

She kindly sent me these cute ornaments whom I've nicknamed Bell and Noel. 

My Mom also got in the spirit and added this beauty to our tree.

Micaela and Marianne sent us a vintage mistletoe ornament. I told them that we would make good use of it!

And sweet Nicole brought this beauty over the day we put our tree up.

Almost cried when I opened the mail on Christmas Eve and found this stunner from Sheba who I miss all the time.

My neighbours just turned on their Christmas tree lights. Grateful that I can hurry up and enjoy the tree a little longer...


Zoƫ said...

these are so sweet! how lovely that you finally have your own Christmas tree :)

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