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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Counting Down to Missusdom - Part Two

This countdown is too fun!  Here are days 75 - 51.

75 - It's his birthday and I get all the kisses!

74 - Whilst on a tour of her closet, I saw this letter my friend penned to her husband on behalf of his pants.

73 - Volume 1 of 6.  All of our text messages pre-cohabitation.  All 1000 pages (double sided) make for a fascinating read!

72 - Almost home.

71 - Tropicana Community Foundation 21st Annual Caribbean Gala.

70 - Chef is the best movie I've seen in 2014. 
Haven't been this excited about a movie since Purple Rain!

69 - Snuggles with lil' Noah.

68 - My love and I don't know how to make maki for a twosome.  Come on over!

67 - My love tenderizing steak for a Father's Day BBQ.
(Hammer has been sterilized!)

66 - Only the finest quality blanket for my bestie.

65 - Top bunk at camp.

64 - Had an amazing time celebrating YMCA volunteers and building a new campfire pit.

63 - Walking the quays.

62 - Training staff at the YMCA Simcoe Muskoka to continue their great work partnering with volunteers.

61 - Watching one of my girl crushes Hillary next to my man candy, E.

60 - As she gets closer to 93, my grandmother has fewer and fewer words for us.  Today, she gave me these ones.

 59 - Sneaker selfie.

58 - Clouds at dusk.

57 - Feeling blessed from an afternoon spent with the ladies in my family for a bridal shower.  More women's underwear than I've ever had in my home at any one time.

56 - Froze overripe bananas and made ice cream.  Goodness!

55 - Vanessa booby trapped my love's shelves with pics of all my favourite man candy. It's fun watching him discover them all.  Mwah ha ha ha!

54 - Finally made tofu noodles work. Anyone have recipes for these?

53 - Spent some time in one of my happy places today.

52 - Hello morning!

51 - Hanging with my favourite Germans!

Another 25 reasons to remember that life is pretty wonderful!