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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Counting Down to Missusdom - Part Three

We're almost there and we're so excited! Thank you days 50 - 26 for some great memories.

50 - Soft serve frozen yogurt.  Cherry dip for him and peanut butter dip for moi!

49 - Weekend bloom.

48 - Scouring the city with my love.

47 - Happy Canada Day!

46 - Truth for July and always.

45 - The bitter sweetness of the last few pages of a great read.  Lawrence Hill's Any Known Blood.

44 - Qawalis at Queen's Quay.
43 - Had a blast with the Argos and my love.  Final score was Argos 48 and Roughriders 15.

42 - Can't sleep.

41 - Walking home by the weeping willows and the moon.

40 - Up late with Rachel Awes and appreciating what grounds me.

39 - Meow neighbour!

38 - I'm a three chili girl and now Salad King delivers!

37 - Sarah and her baby blues.

36 - Vanessa is so beautiful.

35 - Thank you Bestie and Moonie for a lovely bridal brunch.

34 - Gonna miss this lady and her roomies.

33 - Successful hair trial.  My love just learned that his first duty as my husband will be to take all of these outta my hair.

32 - Taking a pause on the roof garden.

31 - Date night at the Aquarium. One month until our big day!

30 - Strolling shadows.

29 - As a child, these fireworks used to remind me of Tina Turner.

28 - Celebrating Noah's bayat.

27 - Happy birthday, Dad!

26 - Lunch with three wonderful ladies and three little gents.

Thankful for 25 blessed days.


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